Abiola uses her knowledge of  Behaviour Management models, Learning Styles and Emotional Intelligence Assessments to shine light on the behaviours of children – exhibited – individually or  as part of a group.  Years of experience gained from working closely with children both formally and informally has afforded Abiola with a unique insight into effective strategies to use to motivate children toward achieving planned outcomes.

If you are interested in acquiring skills to better understand the children in your life or simply need to appreciate your own triggers that underpin the responses you make in given situations, then you will benefit from the support that Abiola Ajayi-Obe Consulting provides in this area.

By the end of any of the Workshops in Effective Parenting you will have a full understanding amongst others of  one or more of the issues listed below;

  • Knowledge of Consequence Management and how to effectively use consequence tools.
  • Understanding the rudiments of effective communication.
  • A grasp of different types of Learning Styles and how it affects behaviours.
  • An appreciation of the different factors which may influence behaviours.
  • An appreciation of how to manage behaviours effectively.
  • How to effectively support your child at school.

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