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Emotional Intelligence Course:

“I have recently been successful in obtaining a job that I badly wanted to get. I booked an EQI session with SmartChartz Republic as I was aware that employers are increasingly looking for emotional intelligence and awareness rather than just academic achievement. I found the online assessment easy to complete and the follow up session with Abiola was extremely productive and helped me to get into the right frame of mind for the interview. Although my primary objective was to get the job of my dreams I was able with Abiola’s prompting to take a look at how the job would fit into the plans for my whole life, not just narrow career aims. I gained some fascinating insights into myself and a lot to think about. Thank you.”
Operations Manager, 
North Operations Unit, 
Bedfordshire Libraries

Classroom Behaviour Management Course:

“Thank you so much for your excellent presentation to our team. It was everything that Sheila and I had hoped for and much more….I feel that there would be real value in providing a follow-up session next year to reflect on how the strategies are working in practice, move things on and refine techniques.”
Christopher Cull – Richmond Music Trust

“Thank you once again for delivering such an inspirational day here in B&NES. It is clear from the enclosed evaluations that everyone felt it was not only time well spent but also incredibly useful. They are still talking about it! A further indication of the success is the almost 90% return rate.”
Rainer Dolz – Bath & North East Somerset Council

“The delivery style meant that everyone was engaged. Thanks for coming! It’s been really useful.”
Julie Sharpe – Newham Academy of Music

“Thought provoking – delivered in a fun way although highlighting the importance of this subject.”
Paula Briggs – Future House

“New ideas, excellent strategies – delivered in a very interesting way.”
Judith Walker – Bradford Music Service

“Very clear instructions and explanations on what we covered. Opened up new ways of looking at the way I teach.”
Catherine Dunne – Welb Music Centre

“It was relevant to my work, I was interested and focused; the method of delivery and resources were excellent.”
Janet Cooke – Welb Music Centre

“Very useful strategies and techniques given which I can use in lessons.”
Richard Hughes – EASS

“Very relevant to real classroom situations.  All areas of classroom management covered.”
Julie Rigal – Oxford County Music Service

“Abiola has devised a course on behaviour management especially for peripatetic teachers who find themselves having to teach whole classes. The presentation was engaging and fun, including a wealth of valuable advice. Throught discussion and role play, Abiola brought to life the issues which teachers have to deal with and the strategies teachers can use to promote good behaviour, enthusiasm and focus from children. The teachers appreciated the session, and I notice on subsequent visits to wider opps projects that they were incorporating many of the strategies they had learned into their teaching, resulting in more effective work and higher standards.”
Brendon Le Page – Lambeth Music Services

“I  gained a lot of insight into different ways of managing pupils.”
Laurence Quigg WELB

“The workshop covered all areas of classroom management & also gave information on new strategies that I’d not considered previously.”
Alison Yatel – EASS

Overall Comments From Evaluation at Enfield Arts – Classroom Management Course:

  • “Very Clear and concise information, targeted exactly what we need to know answers nearly every question”
  • “Dealt with Problems and gave solutions”
  • “Some excellent strategies and made me question what I do already and what I can do to improve”
  • “Covered lots of information on behaviour management that I only would have learnt after going through these different scenarios otherwise”
  • “Clarity, natural way of looking at situations. Plausible strategies”
  • “Abiola was very clear and cheery and every point mentioned was valuable – I’m looking forward to using many of these ideas when I’m teaching”
  • “A massive subject to cover, done well with pertinent points and reflect on own practise”
  • “It was interesting and informative”

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