In my discussions with various people I’ve come to realise that knowledge and information that I often take for granted, because I already know it, is sometimes like gold dust to others when I share it with them.  And in the same vein, I’ve discovered the converse to be true too i.e that facts that others, share with me, because they just know is sometimes like having fish scales removed from my eyes – when I finally get it. Continue reading »

AQA one of the examination boards responsible for A level papers are currently touting, around the Labour Party Conference, a proposal to rank A level students according to the schools that they attend, alongside their grades, as a means of enabling students from lesser ranked schools to obtain higher University Credits.


This type of action is more commonly known as positive discrimination, which on face value seems to be a laudable act in the application of equal opportunities.  However, if one looks more closely, does the precise opposite of what it proposes. Continue reading »

leechesThe riots which took place in August are almost forgotten if not for the fact that some of those convicted are taking out appeals against their, uncharacteristically for the British courts, long sentences. The pundits have spoken and the commentators have given their two pennies worth about why the riots happened; citing the state of British society, the deplorable behaviour of Britain’s ‘feral’ youth and their ‘fickle’ parents and the lack of aspirations for today’s youth etc, etc.  Followed by the standard reaction of throwing money at the problem – this time £70M. Continue reading »

Abiola Ajayiobe

Abiola Ajayi-Obe

Abiola has a long record of providing leadership and team development using Risk Management and Emotional Intelligence Strategies to enable Organisations and Individuals move from where they are to where they want to be to be.
Abiola also provides teacher training and adult leadership courses on child behaviour management strategies including, classroom behaviour management parenting courses and conducts Emotional Intelligence Assessments to businesses and organisations that need their staff to have higher lever interpersonal skills.



Smartchartz Poster

How Smartchartz was founded:

If you’ve got children, being efficient and effective at work doesn’t always mean that you’ll have the upper hand at home.

That’s what Abiola Ajayi-Obe found when she left her job as an NHS Risk Manager in 2001 to become a full-time mother to her two children after the departure of a much-loved child minder.

Finding that managing her children was as challenging as managing the NHS, she decided to adapt the risk management systems she had used at work, to her home life. take a look at smartchartz

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